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2 years ago

Lemniscate 8

Take a 2 minute poetry journey back in time in this mega short film adventure. Featuring the glorious Petra Mountains and the mysterious Antikythera Mechanism (art version replica). 🙂

12 thousand BC
The stars spoke a language we've forgotten buried by lost memories
Sacrificed to seas of an apocalyptic journey
Down from pyramids built across our galaxies
Scattered throughout our ancient worldly realities
Far into the Petra mountains of the carved past
Manifested by the souls of time
Earth shakes and
Waters of the 7 seas collide
Sunk into an Atlantis of wonders and allusions
for another generation to ponder how all was lost in time
Again we rewind only to fast forward back into the same state of mind
Destruction of the gods were remembered
While memories deteriorate in the sands of the souls and the stars in Lights that's in sight
Lost treasures of the unknown
Artist leave their traces
Hoarded by the pasts soulless
Stuck in between 2 times
Writers tell their hero's stories
In a language lost only to be remembered by the victors minds
By the wind, earths sentiments and star dust scattered through our galaxy
In the brief moment we see in this reality
Look within
Take a spin
Truth cannot be hidden
trust in yourself and empower your trainable vision

• Alessio

What are the Petra Mountains?

What is the Antikythera Mechanism?
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2 years ago

Lemniscate 8

Poetry Film Lyrics

From Me to Me

Days and nights fall hand and hand
Blending in without much said
The days go by all through just one
My aching heart and bones can feel the sun

Though I may not know my purpose here
It gives me hope to know I'm here
Whether by choice or fate
angels tickle to let me know their near
watching and making my path appear to be clear
Just when I think I know
they flip the script you see
Those tricky little bees
When I'm feeling low and see no end is near
I look within to make amends to me you see

You got to Shine bright, brighter than anything

change in
It shows
Just odd and outwardly
This world is weird and hard to understand
I feel like an alien in an distant land
You know what I mean?
I gotta tell ya
Thank you for that guiding hand
That's swept me off my feet
Off the astral plane
And into the hands of a loving fam

For all those who are lost and live in fear
My heart is with you hold on in there
Life may be hard and seem so unfair but remember there's always angels near.
Sometimes it's hard to hear their call, sometimes they show up briefly in humans skulls
instilling hope in those who forgot how to see
Kind of like an optometrist who works for free

Dear Hope,
Please help lead the blind
Into the light of life
Love is for all of us to share
Do not deny it but embrace it for it is what your made of.. All you have to do is care

- Alessio
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2 years ago

Lemniscate 8

Prepping new Poetry film upload.... ... See MoreSee Less

Prepping new Poetry film upload....

2 years ago

Lemniscate 8

I wrote this short poetry film while thinking about life's adventures and how powerful perception is and the information we allow ourselves to consume on a day to day basis.

Being the author of your own life story and living in the present moment is so powerful and important.

Hope you enjoy!
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